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Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes

Recently, a prospect posted a question about the cholesterol contained in our shake on my Facebook fanpage, and I thought that it was a great question, so I decided to write to our Senior Vice President of Marketing, Audrey Sommerfeld.

Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes

Audrey Sommerfeld heads up the ViSalus Sciences® product marketing efforts, ensuring the company has a competitive and compelling product line and the tools to generate exposure and sales. Sommerfeld brings to ViSalus™ the experiences of a successful career as a marketing executive with global leadership roles in some of the world’s most established companies. After a career in well-known companies, such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Neutrogena, Sommerfeld more recently served as the Vice President of Global Product Marketing for Herbalife International, a $2 billion corporation that spans 59 countries. At Herbalife, she was responsible for product development and launch strategy, working with global licensing, Research & Development, and regulatory teams, creating sales and marketing tools, and conducting product trainings before thousands of distributors.

Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife shakes

Body by Vi Competitor Body by Vi Shakes Compared To Arbonne and Herbalife Shakes

Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes

Alecia A. Barnes Subject: Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes
Hi Audrey, question about the cholesterol in our shakes compared to Arbonne and Herbalife which contain zero. How does the 15 mg in our shake compare? Thanks! Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes
Audrey Sommerfeld
Cholesterol is the sterol component that is found in foods, including plants, animals.
It is prevalent in everything we eat. It is used to help the body make hormones like cortisol, and bile acid that is part of digestion. Unfortunately it can also accumulate in the arteries, which is what most of us think of when we hear the word ‘cholesterol’.
However, we also need to remember that there are different types of cholesterol. When we get a blood test the doctor will look for ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) and ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL).
The body can also make it’s own cholesterol.
Dietary cholesterol can be confusing, as a few years ago seafood was touted as having high cholesterol, and people became worried about eating it. Then it was discovered that the type of cholesterol was a different kind, and that the numbers on cholesterol may have been overstated.
So the cholesterol in our shake (5% of your daily intake) is “Low Cholesterol” per the FDA allowable claims. The small amount is being driven by all the ingredients (every single food has cholesterol), but primarily from the whey.
For more questions about ViSalus Products – watch the following video from Audrey – she answers many of the most frequently asked scientific questions about the ViSalus Vi Shape Shakes and Products.

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 Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes

Body by Vi Shakes

Compare Body by Vi to Arbonne Or Herbalife Shakes
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