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Body by Vi Weight Loss & Health Testimonials

Meet my teammates – Tom and Jan Hibbard- Body by Vi Champions April 2011

The Hibbard’s are from Hudsonville, Michigan and before the Challenge they were both overweight and were very lethargic.  Jan had 2 foot surgeries, her blood pressure was at a all time high and a medical condition caused her to gain 60 pounds.  Tom said “My joints ached and were stiff and sore.  I did not have the energy to play with our grandchildren.”

Tom was struggling with Type 2 Diabetes, has no thyroid and said his “metabolism is virtually non-existent,” said Tom.   They had given up on their health, when they were introduced to the Body by ViTM 90 Day Challenge by their children , and one of their friends who had already lost 52 pounds on his Challenge.

Body by Vi Testimonial


Body by Vi Weight Loss & Health Testimonials

They were given samples and within  a short period of time Tom had lost 5 ½ pounds and Jan lost 1 ½ inches off her waist.  They signed up and began their Body by ViTM 90 Day Challenge, starting on the Transformation Kit and adding the ViSalus Vi-pak®.  The Transformation Kit helps you transform your body, with 60 Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake meals, and  additional products to help curb hunger, help support healthy metabolism, provide energy and hydration, and more, while the Vi-pak® provides comprehensive nutritional and anti-aging support.

Tom and Jan both set their Challenge goal to lose 50 pounds. As they stuck to the Challenge, Tom saw changes in his face and neck and they both were getting inches and inches smaller. By the end of their Challenge Jan had lost 50 pounds and Tom had exceeded his goal and lost 63 pounds. “I think the neighbors heard the shout from my bathroom! I felt so proud of myself, and my husband!, said Jan.” “I felt a great sense of accomplishment,” said Tom. The Hibbard’s  say “Our family has said that we are thinner than they ever remember us and that we’ve lost half of ourselves! They are all very encouraging and supportive.” The Hibbards have gone onto more challenges, and Tom is now down 115 pounds, and Jan is down 75!

What an amazing Body by Vi Testimonial!

Listen to this incredible testimony from Tom – Able to walk away from Diabetes medication*

Body by Vi Weight Loss & Health Testimonials

For their amazing life and health transformation the Hibbard’s were crowned Body by Vi Champions in April 2011 at the Ohio National Success Training! ViSalusTM flew Tom and Jan to Hollywood, CA to experience the Ultimate Hollywood Transformation Vacation and a V.I.P. private jet trip to Las Vegas!  They enjoyed plush hotels, a photo shoot, new clothing, face time with management and Founders, and so much more.

The Hibbard’s advice: “Set a goal, be sure your kit matches your goal and stick to it! Find someone to do the Challenge with you, it helps tremendously!”

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

Body by Vi Weight Loss & Health Testimonials

*We do not claim to cure, prevent or treat any disease with Body by Vi Products.

Body by Vi Testimonial

Body by Vi Weight Loss & Health Testimonials – Meet Tom and Jan Hibbard- Body by Vi Champions April 2011
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