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 Body by Vi Fuel Kit

Introducing the Fuel Kit by Vi, the newest kit to join the extraordinary family of products by ViSalus Sciences.

Fuel Kit

Now you can add variety to your breakfast meal, with either a delicious Vi-Shape Shake, or the brand new power cereal, Vi-Crunch. Vi has made it easier to enjoy both, by combining the two popular offerings,  into one convenient kit.

If you are interested in losing weight, you have the option of having two shakes a day, or you can have a bowl of Vi-Crunch, and a shake.

I personally love the versatility of this kit, because in addition to the varieties of  shake recipes you have to choose from, you also have variety with the Vi-Crunch, the amazing new ViSalus Cereal.

My new favorite is the Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal with the Chocolate Macadamia Granola added in. It is really GOOD! The tri-berry puffs are also a delicious add in as well.

Body by Vi Fuel Kit Pricing

Priced at just $149, this kit fits perfectly in between the Shape kit and the Core kit.

This kit is perfect for those with weight loss and or fitness goals.

As always, feel free to call our office with any questions! We’re here to help. 424-226-2308

Want more information about the Vi Crunch Ingredients or Vi Crunch Ingredient List?

Here’s an article that I wrote about Vi-Crunch Cereal recently here: Vi Crunch Super Cereal now available

Ready to take the challenge on? Go! Project 10 Challenge Accepted

Body by Vi Fuel Kit

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How to use Body by Vi Transformation Kit

The number one recommendation for weight loss for those with 30 pounds or more to lose is to use the  Body by Transformation Kit.

Body by Vi Transformation Kit


Because there have been many questions about how to use the Body by Vi Transformation Kit, I felt it would be proper to share how I used the Body by Vi transformation kit to meet my results of losing 140 pounds, and show you detailed instructions for using the transformation kit to get maximum weight loss results.


Body by Vi Transformation Kit 

how to use Body by Vi Transformation Kit

When you receive your Body by Vi Transformation Kit, you’ll note that the products have a number on them. This is to show you how each product has been scientifically designed to work with the other ingredients in your kit. You should have:

2 bags (60 meals) ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix

For weight loss, you will drink two shakes per day, replacing two meals. A healthy meal plan is essential for success with the Body by Vi shakes. By replacing two meals, eating two snacks and having one healthy meal a day, you will reach your goals sooner.  See my post: How many calories should I eat per day to lose weight with Body by Vi for more detailed tips on setting a daily calorie goal. Eating too few calories will hinder your results, so it is important to set a sound plan, and stick with it.

 Body by Vi Transformation KitVi Slim Metab-Awake Tablets (30 day supply)

Designed to “wake up” your metabolism. Vi Slim meta-awake tablets are designed to help you burn fat, while protecting lean muscle, without making you jittery.

The Vi-Slim will help your body’s natural fat burning process, helping you to lose extra weight. There are also all natural ingredients to

Take one Metab-Awake Tablet with your breakfast shake to jump-start your metabolism, aid in appetite suppression, all while enhancing your mood.

Body by Vi Vi-Trim

Next is the Vi- Trim Clear Control. (30 servings)

This is a caffeine free, all natural appetite suppressant, which has 1000 mg of Garcinia Cambogia, an herbal supplement recently heralded by Dr. Oz as the “newest, fastest fat buster”. You can read my product review of the many benefits of Vi Trim Clear Control here: What is Garcinia Cambogia a key ingredient in ViSalus Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressant.

Add this to your breakfast shake, mid afternoon beverage such as the Neuro energy drink, or even a cup of hot green tea. This will significantly cut your cravings for bad fats, and sweets, helping to put an end to weight loss sabotage.

Body by Vi Flavor Mix Ins

Body by Vi Health Flavor Mix Ins (10 assorted)

Variety is the key to success, and the assorted health flavor mix ins help you to mix up your shakes, create amazing shake flavors and recipes, which will keep you motivated on your 90 day challenge.

The healthy flavor mix ins are packed with phyto-nutrients and health benefits as well. Check out just some of the amazing tasting Body by Vi Shake recipes you can use here: My Favorite Body by Vi Shake Recipes

Omega Vitals – Double distilled Omega Essential Oils (60 servings)Body by Vi Omega Vitals

Unless you are eating 3-5 meals with Salmon, mackerel or sardines, chances are that you are not getting enough of the Essential Fatty Acids your body and brain needs to promote healthy heart and body functions. Essential Omega vitals help to lower cholesterol, brain function, lower blood pressure and more. In addition, Omega vitals can drive bad fats out, and help your body to turn off the fat storage message in your brain. Omega vitals are great for helping to get rid of belly fat, which can in turn lead to healthier heart function.

Take one capsule in the morning, and the other before capsule before going to bed for best results.

Finally, there is ViSalus Neuro Energy Drink (30 servings)

Body by Vi Neuro Energy DrinkViSalus Neuro Energy Drink is healthy energy, that is non-jittery, brain fog lifting energy. Designed to increase focus while enhancing mood, this all natural energy drink will help you feel good, while losing the pounds.

Rhodiola extract for energy and mental alertness. Used by Russian Olympic athletes for stamina and endurance.
DMAE (found naturally in sardines and fish) supports healthy brain function.
Green tea – Provides increased energy and other well-documented health benefits for the body.

Take Neuro along with your mid day meal, along with the Vi-Trim Clear control to boost energy and keep appetite in check.

There you have it! If you have any more questions, feel free to call us at our office at 424-226-2308. If your ready to get started, order your kit by clicking the link below.

Order Transformation Kit

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Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes

Recently, a prospect posted a question about the cholesterol contained in our shake on my Facebook fanpage, and I thought that it was a great question, so I decided to write to our Senior Vice President of Marketing, Audrey Sommerfeld.

Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes

Audrey Sommerfeld heads up the ViSalus Sciences® product marketing efforts, ensuring the company has a competitive and compelling product line and the tools to generate exposure and sales. Sommerfeld brings to ViSalus™ the experiences of a successful career as a marketing executive with global leadership roles in some of the world’s most established companies. After a career in well-known companies, such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Neutrogena, Sommerfeld more recently served as the Vice President of Global Product Marketing for Herbalife International, a $2 billion corporation that spans 59 countries. At Herbalife, she was responsible for product development and launch strategy, working with global licensing, Research & Development, and regulatory teams, creating sales and marketing tools, and conducting product trainings before thousands of distributors.

Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife shakes

Body by Vi Competitor Body by Vi Shakes Compared To Arbonne and Herbalife Shakes

Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes

Alecia A. Barnes Subject: Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes
Hi Audrey, question about the cholesterol in our shakes compared to Arbonne and Herbalife which contain zero. How does the 15 mg in our shake compare? Thanks! 
Audrey Sommerfeld
Cholesterol is the sterol component that is found in foods, including plants, animals.
It is prevalent in everything we eat. It is used to help the body make hormones like cortisol, and bile acid that is part of digestion. Unfortunately it can also accumulate in the arteries, which is what most of us think of when we hear the word ‘cholesterol’.
However, we also need to remember that there are different types of cholesterol. When we get a blood test the doctor will look for ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) and ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL).
The body can also make it’s own cholesterol.
Dietary cholesterol can be confusing, as a few years ago seafood was touted as having high cholesterol, and people became worried about eating it. Then it was discovered that the type of cholesterol was a different kind, and that the numbers on cholesterol may have been overstated.
So the cholesterol in our shake (5% of your daily intake) is “Low Cholesterol” per the FDA allowable claims. The small amount is being driven by all the ingredients (every single food has cholesterol), but primarily from the whey.
For more questions about ViSalus Products – watch the following video from Audrey – she answers many of the most frequently asked scientific questions about the ViSalus Vi Shape Shakes and Products.

Ready to start your 90 day Challenge? Pick a kit, and get started today!

Order Body by Vi

 Body by Vi Shakes compared to Arbonne or Herbalife Shakes

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Gluten Free Protein Powder: Vi Shape Shake Mix

Are  ViSalus Vi Shape Shakes Gluten Free?

Gluten Free Protein Powder: Vi Shape Shake Mix

The short answer: Yes

Adopting a Gluten free diet is something that is important not only for those who suffer from celiac disease and for those who are gluten intolerant.

Adopting a Gluten free diet also has many benefits for those who suffer from inflammation of the joints, fibromyalgia, arthritis, asthma,  irritable bowel syndrome, and other issues related with the gut and intestinal health.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a latin word that literally translated means “glue”. It’s primary function in many of the foods we eat is preservation, so that the foods that we buy will last longer. It can contribute to many issues, from weight gain to joint pain.

Adopting a Gluten free lifestyle can help to ease many of these symptoms, and should be discussed with your primary care physician when looking for alternative ways to improve your health and some of the medical conditions described above.

Below you’ll find detailed information about the ViSalus Vi Shape Shakes, which are Gluten Free and Lactose free.

Gluten Free Protein Powder: Vi Shape Shake Mix

Gluten Free Protein Powder

Vi Shape Shake Mi

Getting the proper nutrition can be confusing, costly and inconvenient when your dieting . The ViSalus “Vi-Shake” can offer you a quick meal, offering you all the nutrition you need, while saving you money. To make an amazing weight loss meal replacement,  mix 2 rounded scoops of the Vi-Shape® shake mix into almond milk, soy milk, non fat, skim or whole milk.  You can even have the Vi-shape shake mixed with water for a protein snack. To “mix things up, blend in frozen, canned or fresh fruits to make a delicious and nutritious  smoothie. Try our Shape-Up™ Health Flavor mix-ins for flavor and added nutrition.

Why is Vi Shape® shake mix better than others?

1. A unique, concentrated and absorb-able blend of proteins processed to remove fat, lactose, carbohydrates and isoflavones to give pure, concentrated protein. When mixed with milk or soy milk, we provide 20-22 grams of protein, the right mix to burn fat and build lean muscle.
2. Low sodium. Lower than other brands!
3. Contains a serving of whole milk, for bone healthy calcium.
4. Contains a full serving of fruit or vegetable fiber, without gas.
5. Contains digestive aids and enzymes, including prebiotic activity for
maximum nutrition absorption.
6. Smells and tastes like cake mix! No grit! No metallic aftertaste.

Gluten Free Protein Powder: Vi Shape Shake Mix


1. A unique blend of proteins that work quickly and provide long–lasting nutrition to help you burn fat and build lean muscle.
2. Heart healthy non-GMO soy protein. (No Isoflavones)
3. Fibersol™, a new patented fiber blend that helps keep you feeling full, providing benefits of fiber without gas that can be caused by other types of fiber.
4. Aminogen™ to help your body maximize protein and nutrient absorption.
5. 23 Vitamins and minerals, along with other ingredients that help you burn fat.

Click here for >>> Gluten Free Protein Powder: Vi Shape Shake Mix Ingredients

Gluten Free Protein Powder: Vi Shape Shake Mix FAQ

1. What is unique about the Vi-Shape®  shake mix?

There are so many unique benefits, and ingredients, so here are a few:
It tastes amazing. We call it the a. “Shake mix that tastes like a cake mix”. If you do a blind taste test vs. other shakes, you’ll see that many have either a gritty texture, can have a bitter or metallic after taste that lingers. Other shakes can smell bitter, or like chemicals. Ours is different because of the unique, high quality ingredients that we use.
b. Our shake is lower in sodium, fat, and carbohydrates than other shakes. Many companies will use sodium to make the bland ingredients taste better, fat to make flavor carry, or add sugar to mask bitter notes. You can see from our comparison chart that we surpass the competition, due to our high quality.
c. Our shake is diabetic friendly. Many shakes use sugar, fructose, or other sweeteners that can spike blood sugar. This may result in low energy, hunger, and more. Ours has no added sugar, and is diabetic friendly.
d. We use 3 specially processed proteins. This provides fast, and long lasting hunger control, and can also help maintain lean muscle while targeting fat. Our shake has been specially processed to remove lactose, remove fat, remove carbohydrates, and remove isoflavones from the soy that can impact estrogen. Therefore, body builders, those sensitive to hormones can use our shake.
e. We include ingredients that other shakes don’t. We include digestive enzymes to help maximize protein absorption, prebiotics to support the bodies detox process and digestive health, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and more.
f. Affordability. There is simply no other shake that matches what we offer, for the price! By having a shake a day you can not only help fuel your body with powerful nutrients, but you can save money too.

2. What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Shape®  shake mix?

›› The Vi-Shape shake mix provides complete nutrition – fast
›› Helps control appetite
›› Provides bone-healthy calcium
›› Provides heart healthy, low fat protein
›› Helps promote & maintain lean muscle mass
›› Supports protein digestion and nutrient absorption
›› Helps support healthy energy levels while cutting calories
›› Provides non-gassy fiber benefits for digestive health
›› Includes two unique fibers for health, and for hunger control
›› Supports a low glycemic lifestyle
›› Supports healthy metabolism
›› Gluten free. Lactose free. Low sodium, diabetic friendly. Low sugar. Tastes amazing!

3. How does the Vi Shape Shake help me lose or maintain weight?

The shake can help you lose, or maintain weight depending on how you use it. To lose weight, we recommend using it in place of 2 meals per day, along with sensible snacks (like the ViSalus Nutra-Cookie™), and meal. You can use it for any 2 meals. To maintain weight, we recommend that you have 1 shake per day, and ideally for breakfast.
Why is this?
Well, if we compare the shake blended with non-fat milk (or soy milk, rice milk , or almond milk) and fruit, the shake will provide 20-25 grams of protein, a full serving of fiber, calcium, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and more, all for around 240 calories. If we compare that to an ‘average’ breakfast of a bagel with cream cheese, small orange juice and coffee with non-fat milk, you can see we provide more nutrition for less calories. The ‘average’ breakfast can add up to around 720 calories, and a whopping 880mg of sodium. So by having a shake, you’ll fuel your body, help keep your blood sugar level, and save calories to help you keep the weight off. We also recommend it for those people that don’t eat breakfast (almost 40% of adults don’t eat breakfast). By not eating
breakfast, the metabolism can slow and you may end up eating more calories per day while slowing the bodies’ fat burning system. Your body is like a car, it cannot run without fuel and it cannot be ‘trained’ to do without. So the shake once a day helps keep the metabolism going, keeps you energized, and helps cut calories. Twice a day and you’ll see greater results. And we also recommend Vi-Slim® to help burn calories without jittery feelings or stimulants, and Vi-Trim® added to the shake to help keep hunger at bay. These two products add powerful added support and can be bought separately, or as part of the Body by Vi™ Transformation kit.

4. Can the shake help me gain weight?

Absolutely! For those who want to gain weight, or even add muscle, the Vi-Shape® shake mix can help. Simply add a shake as a beverage with any meal, or use between meals. For those who exercise, having a shake mixed in water within 30 minutes of finishing a workout will find that it may help the muscles recover easier.

5. Is it nutritionally sound? Is it safe?

The shake is nutritionally very sound, and based on incredible science. It is based on healthy nutrition, and getting the daily requirements your body needs to feel healthy. However, those who are pregnant or lactating, gastric bypass patients, ulcer patients, and anyone known to have a medical condition should consult a physician prior to taking this product or any nutritional supplement.

6. Can I use only water for the shake?

The shake was designed to mix in water as a healthy snack, for after a work out, or to be mixed in milk/soy milk as a healthy meal (milk and soy milk provide more protein, and more calories). The goal is to not cut too many calories, or the body can feel that it is in starvation mode and slow the metabolism further. The U.S. government recommends that we consume a minimum of 1,200 calories per day. So if you do use the shake mixed in water, you may want to use 3 scoops instead of 2, or make sure you have a Nutra-Cookie along with the shake mixed in water to provide adequate calories.

7. I’ve tried other shakes, and they don’t taste as good. Why is that?

Our formula uses the highest quality proteins available today, and we worked very hard to ensure it would taste great. This is because we believe in proper nutrition. It’s our company philosophy to make the best products we can.

8. Why soy protein? Does it impact estrogen?

Soy is an excellent source of protein that delivers healthy heart benefits. Regular consumption of soy has been linked to helping reduce c-reactive proteins in the body, which benefit a healthy heart. Our soy protein is non- GMO (non Genetically Modified). It has been specially processed to remove the isoflavones, which are the active compound in soy that can affect estrogen.

9. Who should take this product?

Anyone interested in losing or maintaining weight, or who want to balance their daily nutrition with a perfect meal. We encourage those on serious medications, women who are pregnant or lactating, or those who are not in good health to consult a physician before starting our program, or any weight management program or nutritional supplement. The shake (with your doctor’s permission) is safe to use 1 scoop for children 4-12 for additional protein.

10. Why are the proteins unique?

Our proteins are high quality, concentrated forms of nutritional protein. They have been specially processed to remove fat, remove lactose, and remove carbohydrates. We also removed the isoflavones from the soy, to alleviate estrogenic activity concerns. This special processing leaves a purely great–tasting shake mix. This is why we call it “the shake mix that tastes like cake mix.™”

11. How many can I drink or use per day?

We recommend 1–2 servings per day of each product. However, you can take up to 3 packets of the Vi-Trim®, and you can use the shake for all meals if you desire. We recommend no more than 4 tablets of the Vi-Slim® per day.

12. Why artificial sweeteners?

To control calories, and the impact of sugar on glucose levels, we chose to use sweeteners. Many overweight people are diabetic, or borderline diabetic, and we did not want to have a product that they could not use. There is a lot of misinformation out on the internet about sweeteners, and there is no ‘perfect’ sweetener that can meet everyone’s needs. For example, xylitol and other sugar alcohols can cause diarrhea in up to 20% of the population, so it is not an ideal sweetener to us. Stevia has only recently been approved in the U.S., but is still pending global approvals. It can impart a bitter or licorice after taste that some people do not like. Agave has fructose, which can impact hunger. Sugar can impact blood sugar and impact tooth health. Aspartame is a sweetener that causes concerns for some people, as when it is heated it can degrade. We do not use those sweeteners. We use sucralose, which has been approved globally in over 60 countries, and has passed rigid approval processes for safety. It can be used hot or cold.

13. Why one flavor?

Our Sweet Cream flavor was designed to be mixed with fruit, yogurt, juice, or even into oatmeal if you want to add more protein to your diet! We also have our Shape-Up™ Health Flavors Mix-Ins, to help add flavor and nutritional benefits to the shake. Other companies may make you buy multiple canisters of product, which just sits there on your counter. We wanted to help control costs, and add fun to your day with our Health Flavors. Be sure to look in our program guide for many recipes to create nutritious and flavorful shakes! Or, add in our Health Flavors, use one, or create your own mixture of 2    or more for on the go variety.

14. Why a shake powder mix, and not ready to drink in a can?

The powder provides the best opportunity for you to mix it as you like, into non-fat milk, flavored or plain soy milk, low fat/low sugar yogurts, cottage cheese, or water.

Need more Vi-Shape Facts? Click the link to download here: Vi-Shape Facts

To get the Vi-Shape Shake mix, join the Body By Vi Challenge.

Click on the banner below to learn more about the Visalus Body by Vi Challenge now!
Gluten Free Protein Powder

Gluten Free Protein Powder

Vi Shape Shake Mix Information Provided by ViSalus Sciences

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Frequently Asked Questions about Body by Vi and The Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions about Body by Vi and The Challenge

As a passionate promoter of the Body by Vi Challenge, aka “The Challenge”, I typically hear a lot of the same questions on a daily basis. I decided to put together a quick post just to answer the top questions that I hear from our valued customers, along with some blog posts that I have created about these questions.

Feel free to comment on this blog with any other questions that you may feel have not been addressed in this post, and I will make sure to post the answers in a compilation post at a later date.

1. What do I eat with the Body by Vi Program/Is there a Body by Vi Meal Plan? 

When you become a customer, you receive your own free website, designed with the Body by Vi “Refer Three and Your product is FREE” program. Along with your free website – you have a back office just loaded chock full of fantastic tools that you can use when you join the Body by Vi Challenge. Included with these fantastic tools is a Body by Vi Meal Plan, Exercise Planner, Progress Tracker and more. Make sure to ask about access to these tools when you become a customer.

Body by Vi Diet Plan

I have also created a blog post about snacks that you can eat along with your Body by Vi Shakes – you can use this for tips on snacks to eat – and this can be incorporated into the Meal Plan located in the “My Body by Vi: Transformation tools” section of your website. The link to the blog post with a sample ViSalus Meal Plan can be found here: What can I eat with the Body by Vi Meal Plan

2. What are the ingredients/Where can I find a list of ingredients in the Body by Vi Shakes?

Click here to view my blog post on this subject: Vi-Shape Shake Mix – Ingredients

3. How do the Vi-Shape Shakes Compare to SlimFast Shakes? Medifast Shakes?

I posted two different  blog about this subject. Here is the link for the SlimFast Comparison: Visalus Shakes or Slim Fast Shakes?

Here is the link for the Medifast weight loss shake compared to the Visalus Shakes: Visalus Shakes compared to Medifast Shakes

4. Do the ViSalus Shakes contain Soy? Body by Vi Shakes – Why Soy?

5. Are the shakes safe for those with Diabetes?

Yes, the shakes are safe for diabetics – here is a post that I created that includes a video testimonial from a woman with type 2 diabetes and her results with the Body by Vi Shakes: Safe Weight Loss For Diabetics

6. Are the shakes Kosher? 

Great question! Yes, the ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. You can get more information about the Kosher certification here: Kosher Protein Shakes – ViSalus Vi-Shape Shakes

7. Can I get a sample of the Body by Vi Shakes before I try it?

Yes, you can! You can find more information regarding the Body by Vi Samples Here: Body by Vi Samples

Frequently Asked Questions about Body by Vi and The Challenge


There you have it! My top 7 most frequently asked questions about the Body by Vi Shakes and ViSalus products.

Please make sure to leave a comment with your burning questions, and I’ll post a follow up blog, soon.

If your questions have been addressed, and you are ready to order: just click the banner below to get started!

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

Want to TRY the Shake Mix That Taste Like Cake Mix, BEFORE you buy?

Body by Vi Sample

Frequently Asked Questions about Body by Vi and The Challenge

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ViSalus Shake-Smoothie Recipes with Peanut Butter

By Popular Demand! Peanut Butter Smoothies! These Easy Peanut Butter Smoothies are delicious and oh so good for you!

ViSalus Shake-Smoothie Recipes with Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake Recipe
This simple recipe includes bananas with peanut butter.

1 Frozen banana cut into chunks
1 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter
1 cup of milk, soy milk or almond milk
2 scoops of Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix

Blend the frozen banana with milk until bananas are well blended. Next add 2 scoops of Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix and the peanut butter. Add them to the blender and blend till smooth.

Peanut Butter, Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie

Visalus shake recipes with peanut butter


2 Scoops Visalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix
1 Frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1/2 cup plain yogurt

1 cup milk, Almond or Soy Milk


Continue reading »

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Professional Wrestlers and Fitness Models promote Body by Vi Challenge

From  Professional Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan, Gary “Krusher” Key, & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, to Fitness and Figure Models, there is one thing that they all have in common.

They are an elite category of professionals  who make a living from being in peak physical form, so making impulsive nutritional decisions just isn’t in their routine. They simply do not have the luxury of leaving their eating choices to chance, and most certainly cannot eat out of boredom or comfort.

In the lives of these athletes and models, food is fuel, so cheap fillers with no nutritional value, harsh chemicals that interfere with cellular activity and even excess amounts of sugar do not provide the high-quality fuel needed to maintain their professional physique.

Meeting these needs with the nutritional and high quality ingredients found in the Body by Vi™ Vi-Shape shake made promoting and using Body by Vi™ products an easy yes for the following athletes.

Professional Wrestlers promote the Body by Vi™ challenge

Hulk Hogan

Professional Wrestlers and Fitness Models promote Body by Vi Challenge

Hulk Hogan, highly respected in the wrestling world as the greatest wrestler of all time, and loved by millions of fans around the world – said this about the Body by Vi™ shakes;

” I’ve been taking protein shakes my whole life and the Vi-Shape Shake is the first shake that made me want to lick the bottom of the glass. Pray, train and drink your Vi-Shape Shake!”


Fitness & Figure Models promote the Body by Vi™ ChallengeProfessional Wrestlers and Fitness Models promote Body by Vi Challenge

Gretchen Coley, Professional Fitness Competitor

“I have seen almost every health and fitness opportunity out there. After smelling what I thought was cake mix, I took the challenge for my next competition and my physique was the leanest and I looked my best ever. Let us all advocate for a healthier existence and spread the word!”

Biggest Losers find promoting  Body by Vi™ Challenge is a WIN!

Even former contestants of the hugely popular TV show “Biggest Loser” are coming on board as challenge promoters. Former Biggest loser contestants now promoting the Body by Vi™ Challenge include Filipe and Sione Fa from season 7, Cheryl and Daris George from season 9, Phil and Amy Parham from season 6, Ken Canion from season 3, O’Neal Hampton from season 9, Ashley & Sherry Johnston from season 9, and Drea Hough, also from season 9.

Says Sione Fa of Biggest Loser season 7 -

When we returned home from the show, the real world hit us hard.  Filipe gained nearly all his weight back. Filipe started the Body by Vi™ Challenge and immediately was able to begin losing weight, reporting nearly 30 pounds lost the first month!”

So, there you have it. Biggest Losers do it.  Fitness Models do it. Professional Wrestlers do it.

Momentum is NOW.  Just……, you know the rest!

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge



 Professional Wrestlers and Fitness Models promote Body by Vi Challenge

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Body by Vi Shakes – Why Sucralose

The following is a response to the question regarding the use of Sucralose in the Visalus Vi-Shape Shake.
Body by Vi Shakes

Some folks have inquired about which sweetener used in Visalus Body by Vi Shakes and express concern when they hear it’s sucralose…We are hoping to answer the question: Body by Vi Shakes – Why Sucralose here.

Body by Vi Shakes Ingredients

here are the details of just HOW MUCH sucralose we are talking about here and based on that information, YOU be your own judge and decide what impact it would have on you:

“The Body by Vi Shake is 99.999% natural by weight. A shake serving is 26g, or 26,000 mg.We use .003mg of sucralose, so if you divide .003 by 26,000 you can see it is a miniscule amount. People that are allergic to artificial sweeteners tend to be allergic to aspartame, which has phenylalanine compounds. We don’t use aspartame for this, and other reasons.

We use sucralose in Body by Vi Shakes for taste, and also to keep our products diabetic friendly. It is unfortunate that there is so much confusion and misinformation about sweeteners. Sweeteners have received bad press, primarily because of aspartame, which degrades when heated (it is safe when cold) and tastes bad. Sucralose has been found safe both in hot and cold applications, and has had over 110 peer reviewed studies completed. This is why Sucralose has been approved by over 80 countries globally. I like to say that many people feel the FDA approved drugs too easily (i.e. Vioxx, Phen Phen), so that if you trust other countries more (several globally are more stringent), then looking abroad is a good benchmark as well. We use a very small 0.03 grams per serving, which is about 1/3 of the amount in a diet cola.

Body by Vi Shakes – Why Sucralose?

The following video of Audrey Sommerfeld explains the decision to use Sucralose in the  Body by Vi Shake vs using Stevia or Xylitol


We know that several people would prefer we use Stevia or Xylitol because they are natural. Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol. Unfortunately it causes diarrhea in approximately 20% of the population! To get the same amount of sweetness in Neuro, we would need about 1 tablespoon, which can be toxic or fatal to a 40 pound dog. It also has not been approved globally.

Stevia is a sweetener derived from a plant. It has only recently been approved in the U.S., and is still in process of being reviewed globally. There have been some concerns on liver toxicity, and so there may be more studies needed. The manufacturers of Stevia have recently published some safety data, and many countries are now re-looking it as a sweetener. It does impart a licorice type flavor, that some people do not like. We have been trying to work with stevia in some new formulations, but are struggling to make them taste good.

I’ve been asked a lot about agave recently. Agave is nothing more than high fructose syrup…about 90% fructose. Fructose has many properties but one bad one is that it increases appetite and this is exactly opposite of what we want in a weight management product.

We do strive to make our formulas as natural as possible, while balancing taste, texture, safety, efficacy and stability. We are looking at some promising natural sweeteners coming on the market (there is one from Japan that is very promising). Our hope is that we will be able to replace sucralose to alleviate those concerns, but for now have not found a suitable substitute that tastes as good, has as much research, and has global approval.

Body by Vi - Why Sucralose?

Body by Vi – Why Sucralose?

Body by Vi Shakes – Why Sucralose

In terms of things being ‘safer’ because they are natural, is not always true. Consider mushrooms. Many are medicinal and healing, but some are plain toxic. So natural is great, but we really need to ask about safety and dosage too. I would love to see studies done with stevia, or xylitol, or agave that doses them consistently, in the same levels that sucralose had to go through to be approved. I’ve not seen any studies on what the affect would be if we mimicked the same clinicals. Stevia has recently been approved in the U.S. for use in foods (Coca -Cola is using it). Some physicians are concerned about it being consumed in massive quantities, since it did not need to go through as rigorous a testing plan as sucralose. So in the scientific world the concern is that the risks of high amounts of consumption of stevia is not known. We are working with it though, and if we can get the shake to taste as good, we will consider moving to using it.

Audrey Sommerfeld

VP Marketing and Branding ViSalus Sciences

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Body by Vi Shakes – Why Sucralose?

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Oct 242011

Body by Vi Shakes – Why Soy

The following post is to answer questions regarding the use of Soy in the Body by Vi Shakes – and whether using Soy is safe.

This response comes directly from Audrey Sommerfeld, SVP of Marketing for ViSalus Sciences, regarding ViSalus Shakes Ingredients, particularly Soy.

Body by Vi Shakes - Why Soy

There is a lot of misinformation and confusion about soy in the marketplace today. In countries where consumption of soy is high (like Japan) the populations are healthier and have fewer health issues than in America today. So we know that there is misinformation, and facts being taken out of context.

Of the concerns over soy, there are a few common ones. First, is referring to raw soybeans, that can contain a form of phytic acid that can block certain minerals absorption. However, that is based on massive consumption quantities, and of the raw soybean and only occurs in those animals that lack the digestive enzyme phytase.

It is only an issue for people who consume those foods to get minerals in their diet, and in massive quantities. The issue is in developing countries, and may have a genetic basis as well because they are lacking the digestive enzyme (which can be supplemented and therefore alleviate the concern). It is not an issue for our products because of how we process the ingredients.

The second common concern with soy are due to some of the components of soy, particularly the isoflavones genistein and dadzein which can affect and Body by Vi Shakes - Why Soyinhibit thyroid peroxidase which is necessary for the production of T3 and T4. Thus there is some evidence that it could lead to thryoid enlargement (Goiter) . Our soy has been processed to remove the isoflavones, so this is not an issue.


A third common concern about soy is the effect it may have on estrogen levels in the body. This is again due to the isoflavones, which we have had removed. So this is a non-worry. We should note that many menopausal women do supplement with isoflavones, as it has been shown to help them experience fewer side effects of menopause.


Lastly, our Soy is not genetically modified (it is non-GMO). Many people worry about genetically modified soy, and if any of the ingredients got altered in the breeding process. We use the most natural form we can get, that has not been genetically modified.

Why use soy? It is a complete protein, it is easily digested, and with adequate soy in the diet it can help reduce c-reactive protein (an signal of inflammation and heart disease) in the body, along with cholesterol.

Q: What is the process we put our soy through in the Vi Shakes?

Water extraction only. Hexane is not used anymore for soy protein for humans, now for animals it is still used. The process used is called a cross-filtration process that is proprietary. They also use a giant centrifuge to take off the fat as well–I’ve seen this process. But the web based widespread use of hexane is an urban myth. Hexane is pretty toxic.

I hope that helps.

AudreyBody by Vi Shakes - Why Soy

 Body by Vi Shakes – Why Soy

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May 262011

Body by Vi Transformation Kit

Body by Vi Transformation Kit

The Body by Vi Transformation Kit is packed with the ultimate in shaping and nutritional ingredients to help you see and feel maximum results.  This kit contains a 30-day supply of everything needed to help transform your body for a healthier, happier you.

Body By Vi Transformation Kit

Included in the weight loss kit: 2 (30-serving) pouches of ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix; (Body by Vi Shake Mix) ; an assortment of our Health Flavors, to add flavor variety, and added health benefits to your shake,1 bottle of Vi-Slim™ Metab-Awake Tablets; 1 box of Vi-Trim™ Clear Control Drink Mix; 1 box of each flavor of ViSalus NEURO™ Smart Energy (Lemon Lift and Raspberry Boost flavors); and 1 bottle of our Vi-pak Omega Vitals capsules.

Q. Why should I choose the Body by Vi Transformation Kit?

The Body by Vi Transformation kit is ideal for those with 25 pounds or more to lose. The combination of products is designed to give the best results in the shortest amount of time. Almost all of the Body by Vi Challenge winners started with a Transformation kit.

 Q. I have diabetes. Is it safe to take all of the ingredients in the Transformation Kit?

You should always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program, however, all of the ingredients in the Body by Vi product line were designed to be diabetic friendly, and Kosher.

Q. The Transformation kit seems pretty pricey. Why so expensive?

A. That is a great question, so let’s break down the math here. You are receiving 60 meals, or two shakes a day. You are receiving an appetite suppressant, and a metabolism booster. You are receiving Omega vitals, and Neuro energy drink in two different flavors.

When you break down the overall cost per meal, including all of the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrition, an appetite suppressant and metabolism boost – your cost for every thing is around $8 per day. When you consider that the cost of a latte is $4.50, and the cost of drive through junk food is about $5-6 per meal – you are saving money, controlling your calorie intake by replacing two meals a day, feeding your body the nutrition it needs, and getting healthy smart energy with the Neuro energy drink, which also enhances your mood. Plus the added benefit of losing weight.

The Body by Vi Transformation kit is the healthy alternative, that saves you money.

What are you waiting for? Join the Body By Vi Challenge today!

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Body By Vi Transformation Kit


Learn more about the Body by Vi Kits here: Body by Vi Kit 

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Apr 022011

Body By Vi Shakes Protein Shake Comparison

So, how does the Visalus Shake Compare to Medifast Weight Loss Shakes

How does the Visalus Shake Compare to Medifast Weight Loss Shakes

Medifast Weight Loss Shakes: Doing a comparison to the Body By Vi Shake, or “Vi Shape” shake, I will compare to the Medifast French Vanilla Ready To Drink Shake. How does the Visalus Shake Compare to Medifast Weight Loss Shakes

This shake also has 90 calories, with 1 gram of fat, 13 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of sugar, and 11 grams of protein. One thing that I wasn’t thrilled about is that there are is 200 mg of sodium, per can.

I also found the shake to be a little too sweet, and very thick – but it tasted the best out of the competitors, although it didn’t come close to the awesome tasting “shake mix that tastes like a cake mix”, the Body By Vi  Shake.

Continue reading »

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Feb 132011

ViSalus Vi-Pak Patented Total Health System

ViSalus Vi-PakBased on 25 years of scientific study, including NIH (National Institute of Health) funded research, the Vi-pak® was created by Dr. Seidman to provide the ultimate health protection.
In today’s “insta-society” of fast food and hectic lifestyles, our bodies are paying the price. From processed foods to lack of sleep and high stress, we are fast forwarding the already short amount of time we have on this planet.
The Vi-pak® uses four unique supplements to provide our bodies with the nutrients needed to operate at peak levels. Combining a Multi Mineral & Vitamin Formula and Supercharged Antioxidant with a patented Anti-Aging & Energy Complex and Omega Vitals Formulation, the Vi-pak® is an Continue reading »

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Feb 102011

ViSaluVisalus Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressants Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressant

Curbing hunger while trying to diet and cut calories can be a challenge. This product conveniently comes to the rescue any time those hunger pangs begin, giving you a natural solution to the stress of dieting. No more fighting hunger alone; now you have a proven product to help you fight the snack attacks when you want to.
Vi-Trim Clear Control mixes clear, and is virtually flavor free and odorless! Mix this powder into water or your favorite beverage to help calm

hunger between meals, or mix into your Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix or foods like soup.

What makes ViSalus Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressant better than others?
1. Patent-pending blend calms hunger and assists in managing stress of dieting.

2. Contains patented, high quality ingredients clinically proven to help with weight loss.

3. Natural formula that won’t affect the taste of your favorite beverages or foods.

What’s in Visalus Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressant®?


1. Patent-pending herb blend that mixes clear, and won’t alter the flavor of beverages or foods.

2. ChromeMate™ – A globally patented chromium complex that plays an important role in proper insulin function, maintenance of healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, normal energy production, and promotion of
healthy body weight.

3. CitraMax™– An all natural, safe, and effective plant extract derived from Garcinia gambogia which has been clinically proven to suppress appetite, and inhibit fat production.

4. PEA – Assists in managing the stress of dieting, which can affect your mood.

5. Carnitine – Derived from an amino acid, it helps with energy production
which can help you lose weight.

Interested in getting the FAQ’s about ViSalus Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressant? You can click here to download the .pdf

ViSalus Vi-Trim FAQ’s


ViSalus Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressant – Another great tool to aid you in achieving YOUR 90 day challenge goals!

Click the banner to get started today!

Vi-Trim Clear Control

ViSalus Vi-Trim Appetite Suppressant

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Feb 072011

ViSalus Shakes or Slim Fast Shakes

How does the Visalus Shake compare against the Slim-Fast Shake?

Visalus Shakes Or Slim Fast Shakes

The chart below is a direct comparison of  the key ingredients – Click here for a .pdf of Vi Shape Shake Ingredients

ViSalus Shakes or Slim Fast Shakes

Visalus Shakes Or Slim Fast Shakes


Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes – YES     Slim-Fast Shake – No.
The pre-biotic activity in Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes ensures maximum nutritional absorption.

Patented Fiber:

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes  – YES     Slim-Fast Shake – No.
Fibersol™ is a new patented fiber blend that helps keep you feeling full, providing benefits of fiber without gas that can be caused by other types of fiber.

Serving Of Fiber:

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes – Yes       Slim-Fast Shake – Yes

Fat Grams:

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes 1 gram     Slim-Fast Shakes – 3 grams

Saturated Fat:

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes – No           Slim-Fast Shakes – Yes


  Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes - 1 gram   Slim-Fast Shakes - 35 grams

Visalus shakes contain less than 1 gram of sugar per serving. (2 scoops)


Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes – 7 grams     Slim-Fast Shakes – 40 grams


Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes – 90               Slim-Fast Shakes – 220 grams


Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes 75 mg            Slim-Fast Shakes – 220 grams

Mix in water and milk:

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes – Yes               Slim-Fast Shakes N/A

Cost per serving:

Visalus Vi-Shape Shakes $1.50              Slim-Fast Shakes$1.25

The clear winner? ViSalus Shakes – hands down!

So, what makes the Visalus Shakes a better choice? Check out the nutrition contained in just one shake!

ViSalus Shakes are NOT just for weight loss! The shakes are a nutritious meal replacement, and the taste? Sensational!

Visalus Shakes Or Slim Fast Shakes

ViSalus Shakes or Slim Fast Shakes

If you’d like more information about the ViSalus Shakes vs Slim Fast Shakes, please feel free to give us a call at our home office: 424-226-2308.

If you’d like to get started, click the banner to select a kit, and get started on your 90 day goals!

Visalus Shakes Or Slim Fast Shakes

Visalus Shakes or Slim Fast Shakes

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Feb 012011

Body by Vi Protein Shake Recipes

Body by Vi Shake Recipes

I have had wonderful success with the Body by Vi Shakes, and have recommended them to everyone that I meet, who is serious about making a commitment to losing weight, and keeping it off.

On a weekly basis I am asked how I have been able to stick with the Body By Vi shakes, without getting bored of drinking them for 90 days.

I have just recently started my SECOND 90 day challenge, in my first challenge, I went from a size 26 to a 12, and now I’m in the home stretch for my goal size of 6, by May.

Body by Vi Shake Recipes

My secret to success?  Protein weight loss recipes that I could make on my own, using the Body By Vi Shakes as the base.

Here are some of the yummiest Visalus Shake Recipes I have made to date – the variety has helped me to stay focused on my goal of fitting into that itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini by summer! (Hey, I didn’t say that I’d actually wear it out of the house! I’m kind of shy like that! hahaha)

So here they are – make them your own! If you put together a fabulous recipe, please comment, and I’ll include it on the site.


Body by Vi Protein Powder Weight Loss Shakes – Recipes

Body by Vi Shake Recipes

spiced sweet potato body by vi protein shake recipe

Spiced Sweet Potato Body by Vi Shake Recipe

8 – 10 Oz Skim, Almond or Rice Milk

2 Scoops Vi- Shape Shake Mix

1 Cup steamed sweet potato

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

4-6 Ice Cubes – Blend



2 scoops ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake Mix

1 cup skim milk

A one inch chunk of banana ( frozen is better)

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon sugar free vanilla extract

Place all ingredients in blender and process until smooth.


Apple Pie Frosty

2 scoops V-shape Nutritional Shake Mix

1 apple, peeled, cored, and sliced

(or 1/2 C no-sugar-added applesauce)

1 packet NuStevia sweetener (Only USE NUSTEVIA, not the other Stevia products, find at GNC)

1/2 t cinnamon

1/4 t nutmeg

3/4 C water or Almond milk

(Use 3 -4 ice cubes, crush ice first using ice crush setting, no liquid)

More Vi-Shape Shake Recipes


“Peanut” Brittle Protein ShakeBody by Vi Shake Recipes

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

2 tbsp sugar-free instant butterscotch pudding mix (dry)

1 tbsp natural almond butter (smooth or chunky)

8 oz. water (or low-fat milk)

3-6 ice cubes or for a creamier smoothie, add 1/2 Frozen banana

Add all ingredients to blender, whip, and serve.

I like to use chunky almond butter

and add it last so that it it stays chunky (like peanut brittle)

but it tastes just as good with a smoother consistency.


Cinnamon Roll Protein Shake

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 tbsp sugar-free instant vanilla pudding

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp sugar free vanilla (or 1/4 tsp extract)

1 packet NuStevia powder sweetener

a few dashes butter flavor sprinkles or butter-flavor extract

8 oz. water (or low-fat milk)

3 ice cubes ( crush the ice  before adding the rest of the ingredients)

Add all ingredients to blender, whip, and serve.


Banana Split

8 oz. water or 4 oz. soy/almond/skim milk/4 oz. water

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1/2 frozen banana

1/4 cup chopped pineapple chunks (frozen)

2 frozen strawberries


Chocolate Caramel Protein Shake

8 oz. water, milk, almond milk or soy milk

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Chocolate Flavor Mix In

1 Tbs. SF (SUGAR FREE) Caramel Torani Syrup

3 Ice Cubes

Place water in the blender first, then powder, then additions. Blend on low then high till well blended.

Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

1 cup milk

1 frozen banana

1Tbs peanut butter

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Chocolate Shape-up Health Flavor Mix-in

Leave out the banana and just use ice cubes for a peanut butter cup smoothie! Yum!

Recipes for Vi Shake Mix

Blueberry Banana Booming Energy ShakeBody by Vi Shake Recipes

1 cup milk

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Banana Energy Charge Shape-up Mix In

Pina Colada Smoothie

1 cup milk

1/2 cup frozen pineapple

1/2 frozen banana

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Banana Energy Charge Shape-up Mix In

Peach Creamcicle

1 cup milk

1 cup mixed frozen fruit that includes peaches

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Peach Shape-up Health Flavor Mix-in

The peach is also very yummy with just  a pinch of fresh ginger blended in. Ginger is great for digestion, and for speeding metabolism.

Strawberry Milkshake

1 cup milk

1 cup frozen strawberries

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Strawberry Shape-up Health Flavor Mix-in

Orange Creamcicle

1 cup milk

1/2 cup mixed frozen fruit

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Orange Shape-up Health Flavor Mix-in

Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

1 cup milk

1 frozen banana

1Tbs peanut butter

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Chocolate Shape-up Health Flavor Mix-in

Leave out the banana and just use ice cubes for a peanut butter cup smoothie! Yum!

Body by Vi Coffee Recipes

Coffee Smoothie

1 cup milk

1Tbs instant coffee

2 scoops ViSalus Vi-Shape Shake mix

1 Chocolate Shape-up Health Flavor Mix-in

Ice cubes

This smoothie can also be made with strong coffee frozen in ice cube trays. Use the frozen coffee cubes instead of ice.

Peanut Brittle Protein Shake


2 scoops vi-shake shake mix

1 tbsp sugar-free instant butterscotch pudding mix, dry

1 tbsp natural peanut butter, chunky

8 oz. cold water or nonfat milk.

3 ice cubes

Blend and Enjoy!

There you have it! SOME of my Body By Vi Protein Shakes Recipes

To get your Body By Vi Shakes base, the Vi-Shape Shake mix, join the Body By Vi Challenge.

Click on the banner below to learn more about the Visalus Body by Vi Challenge now!

Body by Vi Shake Recipes

Curious about my final results? Click Here To Read!

My Body By Vi Success Story- Over 100 Lbs Lost!

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Body by Vi Shake Recipes

Vi-Shape Recipe

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