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 How much weight can you lose with Body by Vi

 How much weight can you lose with Body by Vi

Since joining the Body By Vi Challenge back in August of 2010 – I have been blessed with the privilege of being able to answer a variety of questions about the challenge – about the wonderful products, including the Vi-Shape Shake, and so I thought that I’d use my blog to answer one of the most frequently asked questions that I answer on almost a daily basis.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with  Body By Vi ?

Well, the answer is really simple – How much weight you can lose with Body By Vi, and the ViSalus products is really dependent upon one thing: YOU.

When I started out with the challenge, I’ve said many times that I was a pure skeptic -

I have tried and failed at just about every single diet imaginable – I’ve taken diet pills, I’ve eaten prepackaged foods (Jenny Craig AND Nutrisystems), I’ve eaten the cabbage soup, South Beach, Atkins….I think you get the picture, right?

Here’s the thing – I believe that successful weight loss is made up of two key factors -

The diet – and the person.


How much weight can you lose with Body by Vi

What I lacked with every single other diet that I tried was the determination, and the mindset.

I would get bored, upset, what ever excuse I could come up with – because – I hadn’t made a change in my thinking.

In summary, losing the weight can be made as simple as drinking two shakes a day – BUT, if you don’t truly make up your mind that this is a LIFE LONG lifestyle adjustment, your results will go by the wayside, and the Body By Vi Challenge will just be another failure that you can chalk up to diets that don’t work.

 How much weight can you lose with Body by Vi

The Body By Vi Challenge worked for me – I’ve lost OVER 100 pounds. But more importantly – I’ve gained some insight into WHO I really am. I’m a person that can achieve ANYTHING I set my mind too – including losing weight and keeping it off.

If you’ve properly set your mindset, you CAN achieve ANYTHING – If I could do it, so can you!

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

The  Body By Vi Challenge Works!

Have a blessed week!


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 How much weight can you lose with Body by Vi

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