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Become A Body by Vi Promoter …

Why become a Body by Vi Promoter?

I’ll just  bet that ViSalus has your attention now, right?

If you’re wondering what all the hoopla is about, here are some key reasons WHY ViSalus should be on YOUR radar for consideration, if you are looking to start a PROFITABLE Home based business in 2012.

I decided to become a Body by Vi Promoter in August of 2010, and I want to share with you some of the reasons that I made the decision to do that, before I lost one single pound.

Become a Body by Vi Promoter

1. Timing – If you have ever been a promoter of any opportunity, you know that doing your due diligence is crucial for finding a prime opportunity, pre-momentum. The reason that pre-momentum is crucial for success is because it gives you the ability to get a huge jump start on promoting an opportunity before everyone jumps on board.

Body by Vi distributors are in virtually every community. As the brand becomes more popular, you have an opportunity to establish yourself as a local body by distributor in your area.

A great example of this would be Amway. There are are many new promoters who catch the fever even today, however the majority of those who are at the top of the ranks joined YEARS ago.

ViSalus is a company that is in line to become a billion dollar company in 2012. Momentum is ramping up quickly, but opportunity with ViSalus is still wide open. Visalus is outpacing Apple in Apple’s early years, having risen from $34 million in annual sales in 2010, to over $234 million.

CEO Ryan Blair shares the exciting news of Visalus’ monumental growth on his blog -

ViSalus Sales Increase 7 Fold – Blog of Ryan Blair

ViSalus Promoter Kits

Visalus Promoter Kits

2. Opportunity -

As baby boomers continue to retire in record numbers, one of the main focuses of this key demographic is lifestyle and quality of life. Health and wellness is a trend that is perfectly aligned with the concerns and spending trends for baby boomers.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with anti-aging as well as healthy weight products are a key reason that ViSalus is in the perfect place at the perfect time. As this key demographic continues to educate themselves on the benefits of maintaining their weight by watching their nutrition and exercise, ViSalus will continue to grow at the record rate of growth it has seen over the past year.

3. Compensation Plan – Below is a video which explains all of the benefits of becoming a Visalus Body by Vi Promoter.

Have a look, and get in contact for more details on how to become a Body by Vi Promoter.

Become a Body by Vi Promoter

If you’d like to dig deeper, with an  in-depth look at the Body by Vi Compensation Plan, You can see an overview of the compensation plan by going to ViSalus Compensation Plan.

Ready to move? You’ve made a wonderful decision, and welcome to the team! Click the banner to get started today!

Become Body by Vi Promoter

Body by Vi Local Distributors Needed

Still have questions?

Call us in our office at 424-226-2308.


Become a Body by Vi Promoter

ViSalus Promoter Kits

ViSalus Promoter Kits
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